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Very Great Service..

I own a commercial property and its on the large side. The building itself was quite old when I bought it and the gutters recently were causing major issues. We had seepage and leaks all over the outside and inside of the walls. Gutter Repair Bellingham installed a great gutter system complete with guards and downspouts. The best materials that I know will last 50 years or more. Very great service..

Bob & Co

Recommend Highly

I rent many homes for clients and often I inform them that their gutters and windows are showing wear and tear and to get them fixed before selling. I always recommend Gutter Repair Bellingham. They have installed my own gutters and always do a great job for my clients.

Anne Lavender

Full New Installation

My gutters were badly broken in a recent storm and hag started to sag in some places and other parts were just missing altogether. My son suggested I get a full new installation so I did. I am glad we chose gutter repair Bellingham as they did a wonderful job installing my new gutters.

Fern Allen

Fantastic Job

Great service. I needed new downspouts and Gutter Repair Bellingham installed them in a few hours. Did a fantastic job.

Richard Harris

Looks Great

I had them install a brand new gutter system on my parents old home in Birch Bay, WA. Boy do they look great. Fixed that home up good and proper.


Installed Super Quick

Installed super quick. They were in the same day I ordered the service. They look great and work even better.

Reece Jon

Clogged Gutters No More

My house may not be the biggest residential home but I have many trees around my property and they cause clogging all the time. I regularly get them cleaned using different companies, Gutter Repair Bellingham is the best that I have used.


Everything Fixed

Emergency Gutter Repair has never been so fast haha. They were out so quick to repair my house. My home has lots of trees and my gutters get clogged a lot so cleaning them has to be done often. I hadn’t been home for awhile and the gutters were really clogged up. We got them all cleaned up and everything fixed.

Reece Killian

A Bit More Than I Thought

I only needed my gutters realigned but they told me there was much more that needed to be done. Apparently the seams had come loose and there was holes in some areas. Now I am sure they weren’t lying about that but it ended up costing me more than I initially thought it would. Still they did a good job for me.

Karen Hawke

Response from Gutter Repair Bellingham

Hi Karen thanks for your honest words. We always perform a review of any guttering system before we make repairs just so we know what is wrong and what needs fixed now or can be fixed later.

When we reviewed yours there was a lot more than we anticipated and for us to go ahead with anything we needed to fix the basic things first before realigned your gutters, if we just went ahead and aligned them it would not stop leaks from happening and actually might make it worse.

This was a failure on our part and all staff have been notified to make sure that a customer knows the price before we start the job and what they need fixed. Customer satisfaction is very important to us and we hope to work with you again in future, have a great day.

Quickly Done

I could see that my gutters were sagging and they looked like they were about to break. I contacted Gutte Repair Bellingham and requested emergency repair and they handled it all very quickly. Good thing too as a few days after we had a lot of rain fail and I am sure my gutters would have collapsed.


Emergency Gutter Repair

We recently had a large storm come and it just destroyed my gutters water was going everywhere and my roof was starting to leak.

I needed Emergency Gutter Repair and Gutter Repair Bellingham were out as fast as they possibly could and fixed everything right up. The flooding stopped and my home was fixed up good. So lucky.


Affordable Service

Affordable service. They go above and beyond what is asked of them. The advice and recommendations on how to keep everything working was extra. I never expected such valuable advice.

Michael Ressler

Looks Great

Thanks so much. My home looks better than ever. New downspouts installed and everything looks great. I went with aluminum downspouts because the gutters are too, and they look so good.

Berny Ginsberg

Exterior Looks Brand New.

I own a rather large property and have been living there for a long time around 40 years and have never replaced or had my gutters repaired before. They started to break last winter, and I had a few issues here and there but was able to fix it myself.

The issues got worse and now I have leaks all throughout my gutters. I contacted Gutter Repair Bellingham for a consultation, and they really came through. They replaced everything including my downspouts. Cleaned my drains, cleaned my roof. Power washed the walls and installed gutter guards. Absolutely amazing job. Exterior looks brand new.

Harold Smith

Response from Gutter Repair Bellingham

Thanks Harold for your kind words, we had a lot of work with your property but the end result speaks for itself. Like you said the “Exterior looks brand new”. So happy to be of help to you.


Wonderful. Water used to leak out from my downpipes for years. I didn’t really notice the damage until it was too late. My walls were stained black, and moss and mold had taken root inside the walls. It was a mess to clean but gutter repair Bellingham took care of all of it for me. They replaced my broken gutter downspouts. Pressure cleaned the walls and cleaned out the entire gutter system. I haven’t had a single issue since then.

Ruth Bernstein

Ruth Bernstein

Fixed My Property Right Up

They arrived quickly. Fixed my property right up. My downspouts were laying on the lawn, the gutters were clogged with dozens of leaves. Within a short time everything was clean and everything was back where it was supposed to be. Five star service for sure.

Bon Engle

Best There Is

I buy and flip homes so I regularly need gutter repair services and cleaning. Hands down the best one I have worked with, We work together now on all homes I purchase.


Best Repair Specialist

Wonderful job guys. Gutter Repair Bellingham got me in touch with the best gutter repair specialist in town and fixed my broken gutters really fast. The repair man was also very nice and informative.

Floyd Staller

Great Service, Fast and Cheap

Such a great service, fast and cheap.

They did a great job. I will surely recommend them to any one who needs this service.

John Lars

Minor Gutter Damage Fixed

Unreal just how good this company is. Minor dings and scratches all dealt with in a timely fashion and cleaning performed. Trees trimmed neatly too. They informed of more minor damage I didn’t even know was there. The gutter sealing had started to come off. Every thing all fixed up and looking and working perfectly.

Ron Sweeney

Wonderful Service

I love big trees in my garden and I have many now but they cause so many problems with my gutters. I have had leaves and branches fall into them which caused minor damage. I called and they said that the damage was not a problem to fix. After they were finished they offered to trim my trees if I wanted. That was a great bonus and will reduce how often I need cleaning and repair.


Very Helpful

I had no clue about the real damage that had been caused to my home. A repair man came to my house to inspect the property and pointed out all the bad things and what needed to be fixed. I had left it so long that I thought it was damaged for ever. But thankfully the kind man gave me a quote for the work and how long it would take. The price was great and the completed job is amazing. My home looks new.

Susan Reinhart

They did a good job

Fast and efficient, what more do you need really. Gutter Repair Bellingham are the real deal.

Adam Cheise

Home looks great again

They did a wonderful job sorting out all the small damage my gutters have taken over the years. Looks great again.

Sheamus Hannity

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